Stressful Sale vs. Fun Sale – CHOICE IS YOURS

Wednesday Sep 21st, 2022


Studies confirmed that major consequences are resulted from what your focus on and where you direct your energy. And others can sense your energy. What to radiate out – CHOICE IS YOURS.

When selling their property many others dwell on the possible work and stress involved.

Instead you may add some fun, anticipation, and even a sense of adventure to the selling process.

Again, CHOICE IS YOURS. Stress or Fun.

All depends on how you decide to take it. So, decide to enjoy selling like a boss. Simply delegate all stressful jobs to your Realtor, contractors and others.

And meantime you…

…finally went for a walk while your home is being shown, ride your bike, take your family to a place you all wanted and hadn’t been yet.

…mercilessly reassess your belongings to declutter you space, keep only what you want to take in your new home. Less of useless stuff around you – your life gets more clear view without distractions. Your new place is not a Value Village. Use 3 Sorts Rule: Keep – Sell - Get rid of it. Honestly, relocating is the best time to sort out your junk got deposited over years.

…you and your family are living this time in anticipation of a dream come true, - a brand new beautiful and more comfortable life in new place. Place pictures of your next home on the fridge door. Sit together on the computer and explore your new neighborhood’s features and amenities. Think ahead of the sale, and there always picture yourself in the best scenario.

…celebrate every accomplishment in the selling process. You’re finished preparing your property for sale, go out to celebrate. Follow your checklist of each step and award each one of them.

…you can get help you need, so you are in control of the process when all actual work is delegated/distributed to helpers, contractors, and other professionals. Who said you have to do it all by yourself.

There are many other tactics to make selling your home a positive and tension-free experience. Call today if you’d like more ideas and suggestions.



Marina Agarwal 


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